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MyMathLab answers – Learning was never this easy
That is where mymathlab answers comes into the play. This online service can help you both learn math and find answers to questions you may have. It is a useful tool for everyone, from children that don’t understand how basic formulas work to advanced mathematicians that requires assistance with matric evaluations and calculations.
Coop board games
Some of the best cooperative board games will be in the review and just in case you do not know what makes those board games different. The games are designed so players have to work together towards the victory. Everybody has to work in a team, unlike conventional games when you play by yourself.
Worksheets For Kids
If you are one of those teachers or parents who would like to do a little bit of extra exercise[...]
5 Games Best For Fast Learning
If you were wondering what are some of the games that you could play with your students or your kids[...]
What Can Kids Learn From Watching Teletubbies?
One of the most popular TV shows for kids, that was devised and produced by BBC, has been popular for[...]
Who Were The Romans?
This is one of the most important school topics that you can cover with your students if you are a[...]
UK Soccer – The History Of The Most Popular Sport In The World
The most popular sport in the world has a long and impressive history, just in the UK alone! Which is[...]
SWF Flash Games For Fast Learning
Here is why you should turn yourself to flash games if you want to make the learning experience for kids[...]
Learn More About Agrarian Distress And The Rise Of Populism
In today’s article, we will we talking a lot more about agrarian distress and the rise of populism that took[...]
What you need to know in creating a modern games room
Whether you enjoy playing card games or the most recent computer game consoles, a games room is an excellent choice[...]
Tips for Parents: Getting Back Your Quiet Time
Everyone needs a little time off and have some fun once in a while. After all our hard work, we[...]
How to create a modern games room for you kids
Kids love to play anytime and anywhere. That means even if they are at school or at home, they will[...]
HTML5 VS. Flash: The Statistics of Compatibility and More! [Infographic]
HTML5 has so many advanced features, most young gamers forget that its predecessor, Flash, is as powerful as the reigning[...]
10 Fun Games For Kids To Play In The Garden
Most, if not all, kids nowadays tend to just stay indoors and use up their time with technology such as[...]
Parents must Level Up with their Kids’ Online Activity
It can be frustrating for parents, specifically if they do not understand the innovation. But it's not insurmountable. Several of the[...]
Keeping your Kids’ Safety Online
If you think every little thing you find out about kids online, you could assume pedophiles and also cyberbullies are[...]

Our Educators

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Ivona is one of those people who will never grow up. He has a keen sense of what interest children and in addition to being a history teacher himself, he is also a parent to two lovely boys. We are intrigued with the sense of ease that he can transfer his knowledge of history to any youngster and the simplicity with which he writes all his texts.

Ivona Nigle

If there ever was a scientist who could put it simply into words, it is Edward. He taught at the local university for a number of years, but kept this post as something he does for fun. Understanding the world that surrounds us. His texts are informative and easy to understand because he knows how to explain even complex things in a simple way.

Edward Peters

Best person for teaching parents about art, language and the history that is behind it all. If you have read her texts you know how easy they are to understand, yet each sentence is a product of years of work with children, but she genuinely teaches you how to be a better parent and teaches you how to fish.

Janet Wilkinson

Last but not least, the woman who started it all, mother of four and an incredible educator, Olivia Leroy is the creator of the blog and the one who makes certain that children around the world are educated through the help of this blog. As a parent with incredible sets of skills she does not just give you a free lunch so to say with her.

Olivia Leroy

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