HTML5 VS. Flash: The Statistics of Compatibility and More! [Infographic]

HTML5 has so many advanced features, most young gamers forget that its predecessor, Flash, is as powerful as the reigning king of online browser-based gaming. But then, Flash is compatible with over two billion users and supported by 99% of browsers.

If your HTML5 gameplay is a bit laggy or problematic, take our advice. Don’t go for HTML5 all the time, not unless your machine is up to it. Flash is the way to go.

Keeping your Kids’ Safety Online


If you think every little thing you find out about kids online, you could assume pedophiles and also cyberbullies are around every cyber-corner. Yes, there is bad stuff around. If we don’t recognize the simple facts, the bottom line is that we cannot keep our kids protected. Here are the 5 most popular myths about Internet security and also the truths that could establish your fears totally free.

Misconception: Social media transforms youngsters into cyberbullies.
Truth: There are several reasons a youngster might cyberbully, and also social media sites is merely a convenient means to do the dirty work.
The reality is that kids who participate in this habits typically have something else going on that forces them to impersonate. They might be in dilemma– in the house, at institution, or otherwise socially. They may likewise be bullying personally, or they could have an underdeveloped feeling of sympathy. Understanding of a cyberbully’s conditions– though not excusing the behavior– can aid instructors and also parents acknowledge the warning indications as well as possibly intervene before it goes too far.

Misconception: Teaching kids not to speak with unfamiliar people is the very best method to keep them protected online.
Truth: Teaching children to identify predative behavior will assist them prevent unwelcome developments.
In today’s world, where youngsters as youthful as 8 are communicating with individuals online, they require to know the boundary in between proper as well as unacceptable conversation. Teach kids to not go looking for delights online. Risky online partnerships a lot more regularly progress in talk areas when adolescents voluntarily look for out or engage in sex-related discussion.

Misconception: Kids act even worse online.
Truth: Most kids say that their peers are nice to each various other online.
Newsflash: Most kids intend to have a good time, socialize, as well as interact socially typically online– and actually, baseding on the Pew Research Internet Project, that’s what the bulk is doing. Look into these soothing stats:

65 percent of social media-using teenagers claim they directly have had an experience on a social-networking site that made them really feel excellent concerning themselves.

58 percent say they really felt more detailed to another individual because of an experience on a social-networking site.

80 percent of teens which’ve watched mean as well as harsh behavior on a social-networking website have actually involved the defense of a targeted buddy.

As well as how about the kids which’ve combated cyberbullying and also used the Internet for a social cause? More and more, children are utilizing the power of the on the internet world– and also busting up a few myths en route.

Misconception: It’s harmful to post photos of your youngsters online.
Truth: If you use personal privacy settings, restrict your audience, as well as do not ID your kids, it’s rather safe.
There are two sort of parents: those that enjoy uploading pics of their children as well as those who assume it’s asking for trouble. It’s true that posting anything on-line welcomes some risks, there are methods to restrict them if you’re clever regarding how you do it.

Use personal privacy setups. Ensure your personal privacy settings are set so only the closest people in your network can view your posts.
Restriction your audience. Only share blog posts with close friends and family. Or utilize photo-sharing websites such as Picasa as well as Flickr that require a log-in to see images.
Obey the policies about keeping kids under 13 off social media. Once your youngsters have an online profile, they can be marked in pictures, which amplifies their on-line presence.

Misconception: Parental controls are the most effective method to monitor my kids’ on the internet tasks.
Truth: Focusing on just one Internet security technique lulls you into an untrue sense of security.
To keep your youngsters secure online– and to elevate them to be accountable, well-mannered digital locals– it takes more than installing parental controls. For starters, adult controls can be beat by established children. They additionally typically catch too a lot in their filters, leaving any kind of Internet search ineffective, and they set up a “parent vs. children” dynamic that could backfire.

Of course, make use of parental controls to help protect against direct exposure to age-inappropriate product and also to handle time limits. Yet don’t believe they acquire you off the hook. Continuously talk about liable, respectful online actions, set guidelines and also consequences for misdeed, as well as train your children to handle his or her own usage.

What you need to know in creating a modern games room

Whether you enjoy playing card games or the most recent computer game consoles, a games room is an excellent choice to engage with and bond with loved ones and visitors. If you are thinking of bringing more fun and excitement in your home, you can always convert your extra rooms or perhaps your useless loft into a games room. Loft conversions in Wimbledon are available to offer assistance.

Look at our rundown of recent ideas and get a few tips on the best way to make a games room that fits your style and interests.

Set a budget

Before you start building for your new games room, make sure you set a budget for it and decide how much your remodels may cost.

Plan ahead

When you have already decided on your games room budget plan, begin considering ideas that fit your interests and the space you need to work with. Your games room ought to be accessible for loved ones and friends, and ought to likewise be sufficiently spacious for appliances and furniture. (For instance, a ping pong table requires nine feet for the table itself, six feet of space on either end and four feet of space at the edges.) Below, you’ll see some well-known games room ideas to help you start with the project.

Sports: This gives you a chance to have space to your most loved sport, group or players. Consider designing the room with flat screen TVs, souvenirs, and arcade games like a foosball table, air hockey table, pop-a-shot amusement or ping pong table. Kids and adults will truly love this.

Mini Bar: Thinking of a good place to hang out with friends? Whether you appreciate easygoing social gatherings or lavish hangouts, this idea will make everybody attempt their luck. You can add a pool table, poker or other card tables, roulette wheel, dartboard and dice tables.

This is a perfect idea for those who are busy with work and doesn’t have the luxury of time to travel elsewhere to have fun. There’s nothing more fun than having a nice time with friends and family from the comfort of your home.

Retro arcade: Were you a fan of cabinet games in the old days? Provided that this is true, consider introducing some exemplary arcade and pinball machines so you can remember or reproduce past glories – in this diversion room, the cupboards are additionally the designs!

Modern games room: If you want to higher your standards, you might want to add wall-mounted TVs and purchase the games and sounds systems to bring it to the higher level.

If you have already figured out what you want in your games room, you can already consider picking for furniture, appliance, lighting and other things that you would want to make use of.

Investing into a new idea can be challenging, but it will always be worth it once it’s done and knowing that you and your family can enjoy all its benefits.

Tips for Parents: Getting Back Your Quiet Time

wa1Everyone needs a little time off and have some fun once in a while. After all our hard work, we deserve some time for ourselves to enjoy some of our hobbies and all the things we want to do.

It’s suitable to reward yourself every now and then, I won’t deny that. Some people like to buy themselves presents or stuff that they really want to have like jewellery and sports collectable items. Some people like to spend some time having a vacation in a faraway place. But for most of us, we just want to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet free from any disturbances and noise.

And then our kids come along. We feel so happy and excited with the new member of our family. We enjoy looking at them and seeing our features manifest in their little faces. We have fun teaching them the stuff we ourselves would want to do if we were still kids.

We nurture them and see them grow up from tiny little infants to hyper little kids. And we love it. We love seeing them grow. We love seeing them learn. We love seeing them play around and enjoy themselves.


Kids can be difficult sometimes, especially when the mood strikes them. They will play in the couch, have fun in the kitchen, make your bed a trampoline, and run around the house most of the time. And peaceful home will be a mess and stuff will get broken.

Gone were the days when our home was clutter free and organised down to the smallest detail. Gone were the days when we would spend all our earnings going out and enjoying ourselves. And most painful of all, gone were the days when we could enjoy our free time in utter silence and peace.

Now, we all love those little times we spend alone. Calm, relaxed, and stress-free time. We cherished these little tidbits of time. But now you can’t enjoy them as much as you did because of your kid running around the house.

The fact is, all the parents face this problem. And they ingeniously devised a way to solve this problem. And so, we send our kids to school. Now, not only will they have fun, and learn, and make new friends, we will also have our sorely needed quiet time back and we will be confident that our kids (whom we love more than everything else in the world) will be safe.

But that moment, as of all moments, will eventually pass. Our kids will go home. So we hug them, we kiss them, we cuddle with them because we miss them seeing as they’ve been gone away from us for most of the day.

But then, we eventually get tired from all the stress and hassle the world has inflicted on us for the day. Long before our kids get tired and go to sleep, we will again be searching for that moment of silence and relaxation.

But our little ones still want to play so they nag at you and run around. But school’s off until the next day so what do you do?

You know what? Some parents have also found a brilliant solution to this problem.

Build your kids their very own playroom.

Yes, you may not have any room to spare but I’ll bet your forgetting one other place in your home that is probably unused and forgotten.

Your loft.

Yes, convert your loft and build your kid’s playroom there. For most parents, they choose a mansard loft conversion for the job.

Now, you can have your peace and quiet while your kids can still have their fun and games until they tire out and go to bed.

Brilliant solution, right?

How to create a modern games room for you kids

fulham1Kids love to play anytime and anywhere. That means even if they are at school or at home, they will still look for games to have fun.

Now imagine an evening full of fun and games just right inside your house. No more looking for playdates for your kids and no more boring evenings for them.

To satisfy the needs of your kids, try your hand at creating a modern games room for them. Just like having their own bedroom, they also need a games room wherein they can relax and enjoy from school or when they don’t have someone to play with because all the other members of the family are busy with work and anything else.

A games room is a useful extra room in your homes not just for the kids but also if you want to have guests to come over to your house and  if you just also like the idea of jazzing up your boring and dusty loft instead of just making it into a storage room.

A games room is not just for kids, you can also divide the room into two making it the kid’s play room and the other one is for adults who also love the idea of games.

Now creating your own game room depends on the taste and preferences of the one who will use it. You figure out first what you and your kids want for their game room so it will be easier for you to decide for the design and what furniture to buy.

One thing also before you start converting your loft into a game room is you have to know how much space you will need so you can avoid overpacking the room with things.

Setting your budget is also important to avoid overspending and having costly mistakes.

Here are some bright ideas:

Cozy place

A games room is a place to hangout so you need to apply a comfy vibe to the room so the kids will surely have fun. You can put rugs so they will be comfortable playing on the floor.

Storage box or cabinets for toys

Kids own a lot of toys and sometimes it makes the room messy, so you have to put a storage box or cabinet to keep all of the toys after playtime. There are also tables that have secret storages so you can save space instead of having a separate cabinet.

Colourful accessories and furniture

Bright colours add fun to play rooms and kids love bright colours as well. You can have colourful sofas and chairs to go with the other accessories in the room.

Recreate your kid’s favourite sport

If your kids love sports, you can recreate it in their game room. If they are into basketball, for example, you can add a  mini basketball court for them to play with so they can also exercise while playing.

Do you have kids at home? Are you planning to convert your loft into something? Then converting your loft into a games room would be a perfect idea and I’m sure your kids will give you the sweetest thank you hugs and kisses.

If you’re looking for an extra space in you home to build the kids’ game room, a mansard loft conversion can be a great solution.

10 Fun Games For Kids To Play In The Garden

Most, if not all, kids nowadays tend to just stay indoors and use up their time with technology such as the television and the computer. This condition can be considered alarming as the children are then stuck in their own worlds. There is more to these activities and they are indeed better off expending their energy on worthwhile things like playing outside and bonding with family and friends.

And speaking of the outdoors, many homes have big and wide garden spaces that can be utilised for the purpose of play and fun. Why shouldn’t the little ones go out and enjoy nature? Supposing you are a parent, then you should definitely encourage your kids to do the following activities:

•    Running Race
Whatever the size of your garden, it will surely be massive for the little feet who are to stand and run in them. Make it more enjoyable with the participation of the furry friends.

•    Garden Football
Heighten the fun with the addition of a ball. Split the children into two teams (if applicable) and create makeshift goals from end to end.

•    Tic Tac Toe
This paper and pencil game does not have to be such; you can bring it out into the garden! The 3×3 grid can be easily incorporated into the ground and stones coloured and labelled with X and O shall suffice.

•    Hop Scotch
Here is another game that may involve stones or any small and throw-able object. There will be a pattern of rectangles and squares that must be drawn in the ground or you can request Dulwich landscape gardeners to permanently install this figure. The latter can be a great option for you and your kids to be able to seamlessly play in the future. Hop scotch will be a series of throwing and hopping until the course can be finished.

•    Stepping Stones
A child will be given two stepping stones – for this one, it will not mean actual stones though. Those can be shirts or hula hoops, which will then be thrown by the little ones. After throwing, say, a shirt, they will then jump on it and afterwards throw the other shirt they have. They will continue to do this until they arrive to the finish line.

•    Jump Rope
Skipping can be a merry diversion, whether alone or with company. It will be more so when done while singing many different rhymes.

•    Treasure Hunt
Parents can hide goody snacks and toy in different parts of the yard and give clues to the children on how to find them.

•    Collect Natural Elements
You can call this dual purpose but you can make your kids help in cleaning by rewarding the one who gets to gather a significant load of fallen leaves and even insects.

•    Art and Painting
Unleash the creative streak of the youngsters by having a big board laid out. With the use of chalk and paint, let them scribble and draw what they want. You can even take the turnout and display it in the garden itself.

•    Planting
Introduce your children to gardening. The seeds alone can fascinate them. Place bets on whose plant or flower develops faster.

Parents must Level Up with their Kids’ Online Activity


It can be frustrating for parents, specifically if they do not understand the innovation. But it’s not insurmountable. Several of the abilities needed to moms and dad online are those called for to moms and dad off-line: support, determination, regard, limit setting and, yes, no getting around this time.

While we can’t add hours to your day, we have actually developed 10 crucial guidelines to assist you stay up to date with your cyber kids.

Guidelines policy!

Kids like digital policies. Seriously.  Kids are continuously contrasting the modern technology guidelines that exist in their residences (no-media days, never ever up until research is done, no greater than one hr of screen time a day). While kids could assert and also combat as well as, yes, neglect those regulations, your standards as well as expectations still offer the scaffolding for the means they perform themselves online.

The guidelines you establish will depend upon your kids’s ages, and also as they grow you’ll intend to assess as well as revise.

Personal privacy=security.

Perhaps the greatest privacy challenge for parents is social networks. I fulfill youngsters as youthful as eight with personal profiles on social-networking websites, such as Facebook or Piczo.

Many youngsters do not understand the instead abstract idea of privacy, so begin by providing it context. Describe that private info includes your name, address, age, institution, house phone or cell number, pictures, personal as well as family tales, task schedules, holiday timetables as well as job addresses.

Clarify the possible threats when individual details ends up being public:

They can sell your details to fraudsters and also identity crooks which could hack into your computer and steal valuable info (iTunes collection, family members photos, moms and dads’ financial information).
People could modify your passwords as well as article indicate messages acting to be you.
Strangers (or “friends”) can take a picture, video clip or tale that you’ve released, with possibly unpleasant content, as well as help it go viral.
Once your info is public, it runs out your control and a long-term part of the Internet.

Clue in before you click.

A lot of children are naturally curious and also frequently thoughtlessly comply with web links. Much of exactly what they click, however, is lure through “free” downloads, “totally free” games, dumb examinations, “Are you smarter compared to Simon [Cowell]” INTELLIGENCE quizzes, “Win a cost-free iPod” and also a lot more! Numerous of these fake internet sites and misleading deals especially target children through the gaming sites they troll.

According to Graham Cluley, a senior modern technology professional and victor of IT Security blog of the year, youngsters need to understand that one incorrect click is all it takes for crooks to swipe private details as well as sell it to the greatest prospective buyer on the Internet black market. Youngsters know to be distrustful of strangers.

Exactly how secure are the video game sites your kids prefer to hang out on? Use these search engines to check a site’s safety ranking prior to they see: or

Think about parental control software program.

There’s a whole lot of parental control software program: some that filter, block and protect children from unsuitable sites and others that monitor online tasks. Youthful children have no problem with this.

You require to recommend your kids if you choose to monitor/spy (select your word). Or you could would like to go with software application that’s probably a little much less brutal and turns keeping track of into a conversation. For an excellent analysis of adult controls, see

Virtual worlds have actual problems.

Several of the internet sites children see have innovative game play alternatives. These virtual globes and MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) allow children to develop an alternate online identity (avatar) and also frequently, an on the internet area of good friends. Destinations, including Webkinz, Club Penguin, Stardoll, Poptropica, MapleStory, Gaia Online, Fantage and also Moshi Monsters, are extremely enjoyable and also often cram in some major reading, math or life abilities educational program.

Moms and dads with youthful youngsters require to make sure that their youngsters are making use of “risk-free talk” within the real site. Youngsters are urged to purchase memberships, virtual “bling,” game points and also even more. Lots of a pupil has actually spent hundreds of bucks on these sites, billing the acquisition to their moms and dad’s credit card or their cell phone bill considering that they fell short to assume before they clicked.

Testimonial these web sites with your children: Are they a great investment– genuine money for online bling? Are the websites secure? Are they well kept an eye on?

When  unfamiliar digital people become “good friends”.

It’s crucial to recognize that for digital children, a “pal” might be an individual they’ve never literally complied with and also takes the type of a computer animated character or an avatar. That relationship may exist in a video game online forum, an online globe or on a site. For several kids, virtual friends are as vital as physical close friends and might fill up a void when real-world good friends are much less supportive or limited.

Confront the porn issue.

The best method to manage this is to take the tension off your youngsters. If they come throughout it, Acknowledge that pornography’s a quite huge and also rewarding part of the Internet and also review what you would certainly like them to do. If they state it to a parent or instructor, also many children feel they’ll be punished and also have actually display time taken away.

Discuss just how you, as a moms and dad, really feel concerning porn and some of the legislations around it. When it’s sexuality and also when it crosses the line into pornography, you might likewise really want to speak about.

Get in the game.

Many electronic parents come to blows on the moment kids spend playing video games. In my moms and dad workshops, many use words “addicted” to describe the difficulty that exists in their homes. In a current research performed by Kids Help Phone, a frustrating bulk of children suggested they assumed on-line video gaming might be addictive. Definitely, 11 percent of children said they couldn’t stop on their own, and also 59 percent of children claimed they thought video gaming was influencing their school work.

The ideal recommendations I could offer is to front-end moms and dad. Make sure the “video game facility” is not the room (whole lots of pupils confess to muted middle-of-the-night video game play), as well as establish company rights/responsibilities and a schedule around game time. He thinks too several kids do not acquire that.

Digital regulations.

Setting up limits and also tips is key to risk-free digital use. Below are a few guidelines to known for your home:.

  • research initially, then chores, then tech time.
  • checking out time and video gaming time need to be equivalent.
  • one-hour guideline (to game, surf, view videos).
  • allowed to play simply on bookmarked websites (wonderful means to manage youthful children).
  • no violent, racist or undermining games.
  • no flaming (insults, promising) in online forums.
  • no sites that need the posting of personal information.
  • should acquire parental approval prior to entering competitions (which call for tons of individual info).
  • need to demonstrate liable password habits: document, planning and keep passwords exclusive (not showing close friends) and also in a safe place; select clever passwords that blend letters, signs and numbers and do not have personal info (for example, dog’s name).
  • must show mom and dad safety settings on YouTube and social- networking sites, as well as show an understanding of privacy concerns.
  •  must understand that social networks are not a parent-free zone; electronic regard consists of the moms and dad’s right and obligation not to snoop behind youngster’s back, however to consistently spot-check for safety and security as well as personal privacy.