10 Fun Games For Kids To Play In The Garden

Most, if not all, kids nowadays tend to just stay indoors and use up their time with technology such as the television and the computer. This condition can be considered alarming as the children are then stuck in their own worlds. There is more to these activities and they are indeed better off expending their energy on worthwhile things like playing outside and bonding with family and friends.

And speaking of the outdoors, many homes have big and wide garden spaces that can be utilised for the purpose of play and fun. Why shouldn’t the little ones go out and enjoy nature? Supposing you are a parent, then you should definitely encourage your kids to do the following activities:

•    Running Race
Whatever the size of your garden, it will surely be massive for the little feet who are to stand and run in them. Make it more enjoyable with the participation of the furry friends.

•    Garden Football
Heighten the fun with the addition of a ball. Split the children into two teams (if applicable) and create makeshift goals from end to end.

•    Tic Tac Toe
This paper and pencil game does not have to be such; you can bring it out into the garden! The 3×3 grid can be easily incorporated into the ground and stones coloured and labelled with X and O shall suffice.

•    Hop Scotch
Here is another game that may involve stones or any small and throw-able object. There will be a pattern of rectangles and squares that must be drawn in the ground or you can request Dulwich landscape gardeners to permanently install this figure. The latter can be a great option for you and your kids to be able to seamlessly play in the future. Hop scotch will be a series of throwing and hopping until the course can be finished.

•    Stepping Stones
A child will be given two stepping stones – for this one, it will not mean actual stones though. Those can be shirts or hula hoops, which will then be thrown by the little ones. After throwing, say, a shirt, they will then jump on it and afterwards throw the other shirt they have. They will continue to do this until they arrive to the finish line.

•    Jump Rope
Skipping can be a merry diversion, whether alone or with company. It will be more so when done while singing many different rhymes.

•    Treasure Hunt
Parents can hide goody snacks and toy in different parts of the yard and give clues to the children on how to find them.

•    Collect Natural Elements
You can call this dual purpose but you can make your kids help in cleaning by rewarding the one who gets to gather a significant load of fallen leaves and even insects.

•    Art and Painting
Unleash the creative streak of the youngsters by having a big board laid out. With the use of chalk and paint, let them scribble and draw what they want. You can even take the turnout and display it in the garden itself.

•    Planting
Introduce your children to gardening. The seeds alone can fascinate them. Place bets on whose plant or flower develops faster.

Louise Wyatt