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Coop board games

There are many different board games on the market and people are really enjoying themselves. Are you and your friends’ people who like to enjoy board games? Do you like to play for endless nights laugh and have fun and sometimes really exciting night? Who doesn’t, right? The only thing that can be a problem is if you have a friend who doesn’t like to play, or who always wins. In any case the games we will take a look at bringing something new to the whole picture.

Some of the best cooperative board games will be in the review and just in case you do not know what makes those board games different. The games are designed so players have to work together towards the victory. Everybody has to work in a team, unlike conventional games when you play by yourself.

Mechs vs. Minions

This game is for all of you who love to play League of Legends and its design and story-driven gameplay will make you enjoy every moment even more. The game takes no time to set up and it has all the recognizable features from the mentioned game. Four people are the optimum of players so the game can be played to its fullest.


This board game is a must for all of you who like mystery and murder solving. Plus, the design and features make the game a big boll of fun. The basic principle behind the game is to figure out how a century-old murder happened. There are the mystery solvers and there is a ghost that can communicate with them through surreal images. Everything is timed and you have to use deduction and to listen to others to finish the game on time and win.

Pandemic & Pandemic Legacy

There are many different spins that board game developers use to get people into a game. One very interesting version is the Pandemic board game and as the name suggests the game is centered around a medical issue. Together with other players, you have to figure out how to solve a worldwide health problem. The game has been evolving significantly since its first conception and you will find many different types of the same game on the market today. What kind you get will depend on what type of gameplay you like to have, fast or slow, more thinking or reacting. They covered all the types.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Believe it or not but this game has been on the market for about forty years, and recently it has been repackaged for the modern times. This is like a classical murder-solving mystery game the only difference is that the cases are more complex and you get a whole set of additional requisites to use in the game. You work with other players and your goal is to be as genius as Sherlock Homes. The game is turn based but the rules make it more real and dynamic then classical games a lot of time is devoted to the story.

Tips for Parents: Getting Back Your Quiet Time

wa1Everyone needs a little time off and have some fun once in a while. After all our hard work, we deserve some time for ourselves to enjoy some of our hobbies and all the things we want to do.

It’s suitable to reward yourself every now and then, I won’t deny that. Some people like to buy themselves presents or stuff that they really want to have like jewellery and sports collectable items. Some people like to spend some time having a vacation in a faraway place. But for most of us, we just want to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet free from any disturbances and noise.

And then our kids come along. We feel so happy and excited with the new member of our family. We enjoy looking at them and seeing our features manifest in their little faces. We have fun teaching them the stuff we ourselves would want to do if we were still kids.

We nurture them and see them grow up from tiny little infants to hyper little kids. And we love it. We love seeing them grow. We love seeing them learn. We love seeing them play around and enjoy themselves.


Kids can be difficult sometimes, especially when the mood strikes them. They will play in the couch, have fun in the kitchen, make your bed a trampoline, and run around the house most of the time. And peaceful home will be a mess and stuff will get broken.

Gone were the days when our home was clutter free and organised down to the smallest detail. Gone were the days when we would spend all our earnings going out and enjoying ourselves. And most painful of all, gone were the days when we could enjoy our free time in utter silence and peace.

Now, we all love those little times we spend alone. Calm, relaxed, and stress-free time. We cherished these little tidbits of time. But now you can’t enjoy them as much as you did because of your kid running around the house.

The fact is, all the parents face this problem. And they ingeniously devised a way to solve this problem. And so, we send our kids to school. Now, not only will they have fun, and learn, and make new friends, we will also have our sorely needed quiet time back and we will be confident that our kids (whom we love more than everything else in the world) will be safe.

But that moment, as of all moments, will eventually pass. Our kids will go home. So we hug them, we kiss them, we cuddle with them because we miss them seeing as they’ve been gone away from us for most of the day.

But then, we eventually get tired from all the stress and hassle the world has inflicted on us for the day. Long before our kids get tired and go to sleep, we will again be searching for that moment of silence and relaxation.

But our little ones still want to play so they nag at you and run around. But school’s off until the next day so what do you do?

You know what? Some parents have also found a brilliant solution to this problem.

Build your kids their very own playroom.

Yes, you may not have any room to spare but I’ll bet your forgetting one other place in your home that is probably unused and forgotten.

Your loft.

Yes, convert your loft and build your kid’s playroom there. For most parents, they choose a mansard loft conversion for the job.

Now, you can have your peace and quiet while your kids can still have their fun and games until they tire out and go to bed.

Brilliant solution, right?

How to create a modern games room for you kids

fulham1Kids love to play anytime and anywhere. That means even if they are at school or at home, they will still look for games to have fun.

Now imagine an evening full of fun and games just right inside your house. No more looking for playdates for your kids and no more boring evenings for them.

To satisfy the needs of your kids, try your hand at creating a modern games room for them. Just like having their own bedroom, they also need a games room wherein they can relax and enjoy from school or when they don’t have someone to play with because all the other members of the family are busy with work and anything else.

A games room is a useful extra room in your homes not just for the kids but also if you want to have guests to come over to your house and  if you just also like the idea of jazzing up your boring and dusty loft instead of just making it into a storage room.

A games room is not just for kids, you can also divide the room into two making it the kid’s play room and the other one is for adults who also love the idea of games.

Now creating your own game room depends on the taste and preferences of the one who will use it. You figure out first what you and your kids want for their game room so it will be easier for you to decide for the design and what furniture to buy.

One thing also before you start converting your loft into a game room is you have to know how much space you will need so you can avoid overpacking the room with things.

Setting your budget is also important to avoid overspending and having costly mistakes.

Here are some bright ideas:

Cozy place

A games room is a place to hangout so you need to apply a comfy vibe to the room so the kids will surely have fun. You can put rugs so they will be comfortable playing on the floor.

Storage box or cabinets for toys

Kids own a lot of toys and sometimes it makes the room messy, so you have to put a storage box or cabinet to keep all of the toys after playtime. There are also tables that have secret storages so you can save space instead of having a separate cabinet.

Colourful accessories and furniture

Bright colours add fun to play rooms and kids love bright colours as well. You can have colourful sofas and chairs to go with the other accessories in the room.

Recreate your kid’s favourite sport

If your kids love sports, you can recreate it in their game room. If they are into basketball, for example, you can add a  mini basketball court for them to play with so they can also exercise while playing.

Do you have kids at home? Are you planning to convert your loft into something? Then converting your loft into a games room would be a perfect idea and I’m sure your kids will give you the sweetest thank you hugs and kisses.

If you’re looking for an extra space in you home to build the kids’ game room, a mansard loft conversion can be a great solution.

HTML5 VS. Flash: The Statistics of Compatibility and More! [Infographic]

HTML5 has so many advanced features, most young gamers forget that its predecessor, Flash, is as powerful as the reigning king of online browser-based gaming. But then, Flash is compatible with over two billion users and supported by 99% of browsers.

If your HTML5 gameplay is a bit laggy or problematic, take our advice. Don’t go for HTML5 all the time, not unless your machine is up to it. Flash is the way to go.

10 Fun Games For Kids To Play In The Garden

Most, if not all, kids nowadays tend to just stay indoors and use up their time with technology such as the television and the computer. This condition can be considered alarming as the children are then stuck in their own worlds. There is more to these activities and they are indeed better off expending their energy on worthwhile things like playing outside and bonding with family and friends.

And speaking of the outdoors, many homes have big and wide garden spaces that can be utilised for the purpose of play and fun. Why shouldn’t the little ones go out and enjoy nature? Supposing you are a parent, then you should definitely encourage your kids to do the following activities:

•    Running Race
Whatever the size of your garden, it will surely be massive for the little feet who are to stand and run in them. Make it more enjoyable with the participation of the furry friends.

•    Garden Football
Heighten the fun with the addition of a ball. Split the children into two teams (if applicable) and create makeshift goals from end to end.

•    Tic Tac Toe
This paper and pencil game does not have to be such; you can bring it out into the garden! The 3×3 grid can be easily incorporated into the ground and stones coloured and labelled with X and O shall suffice.

•    Hop Scotch
Here is another game that may involve stones or any small and throw-able object. There will be a pattern of rectangles and squares that must be drawn in the ground or you can request Dulwich landscape gardeners to permanently install this figure. The latter can be a great option for you and your kids to be able to seamlessly play in the future. Hop scotch will be a series of throwing and hopping until the course can be finished.

•    Stepping Stones
A child will be given two stepping stones – for this one, it will not mean actual stones though. Those can be shirts or hula hoops, which will then be thrown by the little ones. After throwing, say, a shirt, they will then jump on it and afterwards throw the other shirt they have. They will continue to do this until they arrive to the finish line.

•    Jump Rope
Skipping can be a merry diversion, whether alone or with company. It will be more so when done while singing many different rhymes.

•    Treasure Hunt
Parents can hide goody snacks and toy in different parts of the yard and give clues to the children on how to find them.

•    Collect Natural Elements
You can call this dual purpose but you can make your kids help in cleaning by rewarding the one who gets to gather a significant load of fallen leaves and even insects.

•    Art and Painting
Unleash the creative streak of the youngsters by having a big board laid out. With the use of chalk and paint, let them scribble and draw what they want. You can even take the turnout and display it in the garden itself.

•    Planting
Introduce your children to gardening. The seeds alone can fascinate them. Place bets on whose plant or flower develops faster.