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UK Soccer – The History Of The Most Popular Sport In The World

The most popular sport in the world has a long and impressive history, just in the UK alone! Which is why we have decided to write a separate blog post about the history of soccer in the UK. You can use this blog article, as the other of our entries, for educating your children or students on this very important topic.

History Of Soccer And Its Early Beginnings

Just to show you how old football really is, there has been a 450-year-old football found, made of pig’s leather and laced together. Another fun fact, even ancient Greeks played ancient football, which they called Episkyros.  Therefore the early beginnings of soccer cannot really be put down to history, because since the dawn of the time people have been kicking a ball around, but soccer as we know it, had its first international match between Scotland and England, back in the 1872 when the players still wore long pants and bobble hats. Can you imagine that scene? Anyhow, the headdresses were a normal part of the attire intended for football and it lasted well into the 20th century, even though it is inconceivable today. The ball itself was not really round, but much resembled a blown up balloon which was tied up at the ends and places inside a leather case. In fact it was more in the shape of an egg than a round ball. With the discovery of Indian rubber much changed, as the ball for football finally got its roundness in 1860s.

The Rules of Football

The rules of football in 1863 were different than they are today, and there was no mention of a crossbar for example. Just like in rugby, in football back then a goal could be scored as long as the ball went between the sticks or posts. Even though the rules were just invented only recently, the same cannot be said for the Football Association that was enlisted on 26th October 1863 and had 12 attendees, but none the less!

SWF Flash Games For Fast Learning

Here is why you should turn yourself to flash games if you want to make the learning experience for kids a lot easier and faster. In today’s article, we explain the main reason why flash games are such a huge hit with the kids, as well as why and how you can use this popularity of flash games to your advantage and make it possible for your kids to learn just about anything quickly and easily.

Things Change

Things and learning process have changed a lot from the time when you were a kid. This is a common fact that you need to acknowledge if you want to make the most of your teaching experience, be it if you were a parent or a teacher. Children nowadays grow up in a digital era and a digital surrounding, unlike you or your parents. Even though things change with every generation, using the digital era for the advantages of learning is easier than ever. That being said, the availability of information alone, make it possible for you to educate yourself and your students or children in the best possible way.

Flash Games And Quick Learning

It is much quicker to learn with the help of flash games; I can tell you that. The process of learning is easier than it has ever been and with the interactive games, it is also a lot more fun. There is no need for making the process of learning seem boring when it does not have to be. As a parent and a teacher, you must investigate all how you can facilitate the child’s learning experience and help them learn quicker and easier all the things that they need to know and learn to function in this world. If you believe there are good techniques that will help your child learn do not be afraid to use any of the means that are available to you. Learning is a process, and it is for the best to be involved in it if you want to learn quickly.

Learn More About Agrarian Distress And The Rise Of Populism

In today’s article, we will we talking a lot more about agrarian distress and the rise of populism that took place in the late 19th century America. This historical topic is incredibly important to understand, and we will take our time to explain it in such a way that everyone can understand its essence and importance.

What Happened?

At this time, even though late 19th century America went through remarkable progress, the then society still experienced periods of hardship. First of all, many of the agrarians experienced mechanical improvements that increased the yield per hectare greatly, but the rapid growth of the cultivation cane with the price. The gradual displacement of agricultural lands proved to be a problem in the international market when the supplies pushed the prices down. This makes it increasingly difficult for Midwestern farmers to sell their goods and make a solid profit.

South And Slavery

At the same time, in addition to agricultural problems that were pestering the market and the farmers, in the South some drastic social changes took place. Slavery was finally abolished, and this meant that the sharecroppers and tenants would have to give the half of their crop to a landowner. The cycle of debt was only narrowly escaped with increased planting, but in return, this took the market to overproduction of commodities such as cotton and tobacco, which in return decreased their price.

How Was This Problem Solved?

This problem was first addressed by the Patrons of Husbandry, a farmer’s group that is also known as the Grange movement. It helped raise social activities and encourage woman’s participation. The Grangers helped by establishing new marketing systems, stores, and factories, but most of those ultimately failed. What did not fail however was the passing for Granger laws that helped regulate railroad and warehouse fees? The agrarian distress was fueled in years to come as well, but the years of hardship and hostility made it also possible for people to organize state organizations and associations, such as Farmers’ Alliances and push for political power.