Coop board games

There are many different board games on the market and people are really enjoying themselves. Are you and your friends’ people who like to enjoy board games? Do you like to play for endless nights laugh and have fun and sometimes really exciting night? Who doesn’t, right? The only thing that can be a problem is if you have a friend who doesn’t like to play, or who always wins. In any case the games we will take a look at bringing something new to the whole picture.

Some of the best cooperative board games will be in the review and just in case you do not know what makes those board games different. The games are designed so players have to work together towards the victory. Everybody has to work in a team, unlike conventional games when you play by yourself.

Mechs vs. Minions

This game is for all of you who love to play League of Legends and its design and story-driven gameplay will make you enjoy every moment even more. The game takes no time to set up and it has all the recognizable features from the mentioned game. Four people are the optimum of players so the game can be played to its fullest.


This board game is a must for all of you who like mystery and murder solving. Plus, the design and features make the game a big boll of fun. The basic principle behind the game is to figure out how a century-old murder happened. There are the mystery solvers and there is a ghost that can communicate with them through surreal images. Everything is timed and you have to use deduction and to listen to others to finish the game on time and win.

Pandemic & Pandemic Legacy

There are many different spins that board game developers use to get people into a game. One very interesting version is the Pandemic board game and as the name suggests the game is centered around a medical issue. Together with other players, you have to figure out how to solve a worldwide health problem. The game has been evolving significantly since its first conception and you will find many different types of the same game on the market today. What kind you get will depend on what type of gameplay you like to have, fast or slow, more thinking or reacting. They covered all the types.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Believe it or not but this game has been on the market for about forty years, and recently it has been repackaged for the modern times. This is like a classical murder-solving mystery game the only difference is that the cases are more complex and you get a whole set of additional requisites to use in the game. You work with other players and your goal is to be as genius as Sherlock Homes. The game is turn based but the rules make it more real and dynamic then classical games a lot of time is devoted to the story.

Louise Wyatt