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A Mighty Girl Your go-to site to find empowering and inspirational publications, playthings and flicks for women of all ages.

Art Games Kids from 4 to 12 will have a blast producing their own work of arts and playing art-spirational video games.

 BBC Kids   The website offers ups listings, a variety of tv programs as well as games from throughout the pond.

 Brain Pop     Site offers enjoyable and instructional animated videos and video games to aid strengthen the school educational program from preschool with grade

 Build   It’s an online Lego set for the little Lego fan in your life.

 CBC Kids  There’s video games and videos galore starring your kid’s favored CBC Kids personalities.

DOGOnews  Kids can mesmerize on existing occasions with news stories created just for youngsters.  This is basically and ultra-simple digital sketchpad that any sort of imaginative kid would certainly love.

Funbrain Kids won’t even understand they’re engaging in math as well as reading abilities while playing these video games. 

Funology   This is a wonderful site to check with your youngsters for enjoyable as well as imaginative activities to do with each other.

 How Stuff Works  This no-frills site is jam-packed with details to supply your knowledge-hungry youngsters

 NASA Kids’ Club  Junior rocketeers will certainly have a blast discovering this enjoyable and amazing internet site.

National Geographic Kids Stunning photography, games, articles and videos will keep your kids happily engaged on this magazine’s website. There’s also a special Little Kids page that makes learning fun for kids 3 – 8. It’s the next-best thing to taking your own trip around the world.

NHL Kids Kids Hockey followers will certainly enjoy geeking out on the NHL’s main website for kids. 

Owl Kids Have any Chirp, Chickadee or Owl fans in you house? Each great Canadian kids’ magazine has it’s own blog on the Owl Kids site. Kids can check back regularly for the latest review, craft, recipe, joke and so much more.

 Science Bob Your go-to site for all things science and science fair.

Sesame Street   When it involves setting we trust for our children, what parent doesn’t enjoy Sesame Street? This site is specifically great for keeping preschool and also kindergarten youngsters entertained. Actually, they’ll probably find out something also.

 Sports Illustrated Kids  Sports followers will certainly love this up-to-the-minute online coz to the SI Kids publication.

 Starfall This is the site for early readers still trying to get a grasp on phonics.

KidsReads This is the perfect place for your book worm-in-training to nerd out.

Our Educators

Read more about our educators and find out more about why they make such a great team.

Ivona is one of those people who will never grow up. He has a keen sense of what interest children and in addition to being a history teacher himself, he is also a parent to two lovely boys. We are intrigued with the sense of ease that he can transfer his knowledge of history to any youngster and the simplicity with which he writes all his texts.

Ivona Nigle

If there ever was a scientist who could put it simply into words, it is Edward. He taught at the local university for a number of years, but kept this post as something he does for fun. Understanding the world that surrounds us. His texts are informative and easy to understand because he knows how to explain even complex things in a simple way.

Edward Peters

Best person for teaching parents about art, language and the history that is behind it all. If you have read her texts you know how easy they are to understand, yet each sentence is a product of years of work with children, but she genuinely teaches you how to be a better parent and teaches you how to fish.

Janet Wilkinson

Last but not least, the woman who started it all, mother of four and an incredible educator, Olivia Leroy is the creator of the blog and the one who makes certain that children around the world are educated through the help of this blog. As a parent with incredible sets of skills she does not just give you a free lunch so to say with her.

Olivia Leroy

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