Tips for Parents: Getting Back Your Quiet Time

wa1Everyone needs a little time off and have some fun once in a while. After all our hard work, we deserve some time for ourselves to enjoy some of our hobbies and all the things we want to do.

It’s suitable to reward yourself every now and then, I won’t deny that. Some people like to buy themselves presents or stuff that they really want to have like jewellery and sports collectable items. Some people like to spend some time having a vacation in a faraway place. But for most of us, we just want to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet free from any disturbances and noise.

And then our kids come along. We feel so happy and excited with the new member of our family. We enjoy looking at them and seeing our features manifest in their little faces. We have fun teaching them the stuff we ourselves would want to do if we were still kids.

We nurture them and see them grow up from tiny little infants to hyper little kids. And we love it. We love seeing them grow. We love seeing them learn. We love seeing them play around and enjoy themselves.


Kids can be difficult sometimes, especially when the mood strikes them. They will play in the couch, have fun in the kitchen, make your bed a trampoline, and run around the house most of the time. And peaceful home will be a mess and stuff will get broken.

Gone were the days when our home was clutter free and organised down to the smallest detail. Gone were the days when we would spend all our earnings going out and enjoying ourselves. And most painful of all, gone were the days when we could enjoy our free time in utter silence and peace.

Now, we all love those little times we spend alone. Calm, relaxed, and stress-free time. We cherished these little tidbits of time. But now you can’t enjoy them as much as you did because of your kid running around the house.

The fact is, all the parents face this problem. And they ingeniously devised a way to solve this problem. And so, we send our kids to school. Now, not only will they have fun, and learn, and make new friends, we will also have our sorely needed quiet time back and we will be confident that our kids (whom we love more than everything else in the world) will be safe.

But that moment, as of all moments, will eventually pass. Our kids will go home. So we hug them, we kiss them, we cuddle with them because we miss them seeing as they’ve been gone away from us for most of the day.

But then, we eventually get tired from all the stress and hassle the world has inflicted on us for the day. Long before our kids get tired and go to sleep, we will again be searching for that moment of silence and relaxation.

But our little ones still want to play so they nag at you and run around. But school’s off until the next day so what do you do?

You know what? Some parents have also found a brilliant solution to this problem.

Build your kids their very own playroom.

Yes, you may not have any room to spare but I’ll bet your forgetting one other place in your home that is probably unused and forgotten.

Your loft.

Yes, convert your loft and build your kid’s playroom there. For most parents, they choose a mansard loft conversion for the job.

Now, you can have your peace and quiet while your kids can still have their fun and games until they tire out and go to bed.

Brilliant solution, right?

Louise Wyatt