How to create a modern games room for you kids

fulham1Kids love to play anytime and anywhere. That means even if they are at school or at home, they will still look for games to have fun.

Now imagine an evening full of fun and games just right inside your house. No more looking for playdates for your kids and no more boring evenings for them.

To satisfy the needs of your kids, try your hand at creating a modern games room for them. Just like having their own bedroom, they also need a games room wherein they can relax and enjoy from school or when they don’t have someone to play with because all the other members of the family are busy with work and anything else.

A games room is a useful extra room in your homes not just for the kids but also if you want to have guests to come over to your house and  if you just also like the idea of jazzing up your boring and dusty loft instead of just making it into a storage room.

A games room is not just for kids, you can also divide the room into two making it the kid’s play room and the other one is for adults who also love the idea of games.

Now creating your own game room depends on the taste and preferences of the one who will use it. You figure out first what you and your kids want for their game room so it will be easier for you to decide for the design and what furniture to buy.

One thing also before you start converting your loft into a game room is you have to know how much space you will need so you can avoid overpacking the room with things.

Setting your budget is also important to avoid overspending and having costly mistakes.

Here are some bright ideas:

Cozy place

A games room is a place to hangout so you need to apply a comfy vibe to the room so the kids will surely have fun. You can put rugs so they will be comfortable playing on the floor.

Storage box or cabinets for toys

Kids own a lot of toys and sometimes it makes the room messy, so you have to put a storage box or cabinet to keep all of the toys after playtime. There are also tables that have secret storages so you can save space instead of having a separate cabinet.

Colourful accessories and furniture

Bright colours add fun to play rooms and kids love bright colours as well. You can have colourful sofas and chairs to go with the other accessories in the room.

Recreate your kid’s favourite sport

If your kids love sports, you can recreate it in their game room. If they are into basketball, for example, you can add a  mini basketball court for them to play with so they can also exercise while playing.

Do you have kids at home? Are you planning to convert your loft into something? Then converting your loft into a games room would be a perfect idea and I’m sure your kids will give you the sweetest thank you hugs and kisses.

If you’re looking for an extra space in you home to build the kids’ game room, a mansard loft conversion can be a great solution.

Louise Wyatt