UK Soccer – The History Of The Most Popular Sport In The World

The most popular sport in the world has a long and impressive history, just in the UK alone! Which is why we have decided to write a separate blog post about the history of soccer in the UK. You can use this blog article, as the other of our entries, for educating your children or students on this very important topic.

History Of Soccer And Its Early Beginnings

Just to show you how old football really is, there has been a 450-year-old football found, made of pig’s leather and laced together. Another fun fact, even ancient Greeks played ancient football, which they called Episkyros.  Therefore the early beginnings of soccer cannot really be put down to history, because since the dawn of the time people have been kicking a ball around, but soccer as we know it, had its first international match between Scotland and England, back in the 1872 when the players still wore long pants and bobble hats. Can you imagine that scene? Anyhow, the headdresses were a normal part of the attire intended for football and it lasted well into the 20th century, even though it is inconceivable today. The ball itself was not really round, but much resembled a blown up balloon which was tied up at the ends and places inside a leather case. In fact it was more in the shape of an egg than a round ball. With the discovery of Indian rubber much changed, as the ball for football finally got its roundness in 1860s.

The Rules of Football

The rules of football in 1863 were different than they are today, and there was no mention of a crossbar for example. Just like in rugby, in football back then a goal could be scored as long as the ball went between the sticks or posts. Even though the rules were just invented only recently, the same cannot be said for the Football Association that was enlisted on 26th October 1863 and had 12 attendees, but none the less!

Louise Wyatt